Savoury Crepes

Our homemade crepes, perfect to build a healthy, delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner wrap.  Feel the love with a European style Deli.  Fresh local produce, savoury cheese selection and top it off with a gourmet sauces of choice.


Sweet Crepes

Mouth-watering fresh fruits mixed with Nutella or caramel sauce, perhaps walnuts or roasted peanuts?  Let's take it up a notch and add CLASSIC VANILLA ICE CREAM or A SLICE OF New York STYLE CHEESE CAKE😉

muncheez salads1JPG

Salad Bowl

Ask about BLUE FOREST and GREEN JUNGLE salads.  Both options are to die for.



Muncheez  juices and smoothies are made with 100% natural ingredients (No added sugar, dairy or flavours).   Our tropical combinations are unique and delicious using imported Sugarcanes from Costa Rica and Mangos from Brazil.   Try our recommendations from the menu or get creative and mix your own with the toppings available.


Ethiopian coffee


Wether you want to get a morning boost or wash down your dessert crepe, we have for you delicious Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate or The ETHIOPIAN COFFEE.    


Fresh Sugarcane Juice


  • Improves the Immune System
  • Relieve Flu and Sore Throat
  • Provides Antioxidants
  • Fights Against Prostate and Breast Cancer
  • Lowers Risk of Kidney Stones
  • Reduces Vomiting, Swelling During Pregnancy


Home Made Crepes

Our Home made Crepes at Muncheez are the secret ingredient that go into every meal created.



Read some reviews about us.
"This is my go to savoury crepe spot in the GTA! I have tried almost all of their savoury items! They don't skimp on the filling, the veggies are always fresh, the amount of sauce is just enough, and the fact that it's a crepe rather than a bun makes it much healthier. I've tried one of their sweet versions but I found it a bit ordinary - basically a Nutella crepe with different combinations of toppings. I also love the packaging of the crepe - it's a cone shaped paper container that allows you to rip along a prescored line as you eat your crepe. No mess no stress. I like how they put much thought into this design, making it an easy no mess take out food. The service is always pleasant and friendly. The place is small with only a few tables. So if you want something quick but not fast food, this is the place to go! "

Cindy L.

I love this place, both for savoury and sweet crepes. It definitely is worth all the hype. We tried the 'Mother nature' crepe and it was delicious! We also had the banana and Nutella crepe with some peanuts and giiiiirl, was it good! Can you go wrong with Nutella though? The veggies were so fresh, and the savoury crepes were perfect! Yum. For the sweet crepe, they cut up fresh bananas And you get to see it all being made! The service was fast and quick! It comes in a little cone that's so easy to eat. The only downfall is the limited seating but it's definitely a place I would come back to!

Rupa S.

Delicious crepes! Fresh ingredients, beautiful presentation, and friendly staff! It was my first time having a crepe for lunch and I absolutely loved it! Definitely recommend, Enjoy!

Sam K.

My brother recommended to try this place out and I'm so happy he did! Honestly amazing, the food is just simply amazing. I tried the Mama Mia, but I'll be sure to check out the sweet treats they have next time I go!

Valentina M.

Been a customer since day 1! Love love love their crepes!! Always trying new flavors of their crepes and they never fail to impress me

Ghazaleh S.

Richmond Hill
HOLY CREPE BATMAN! As of this update, I'm proud to say I've tried the whole menu (including the dessert and breakfast crepes) and I've even tried the make-your-own crepe. Best crepes in the city still and that's facts. Raz, Raman and Maria are some of the nicest owners around. Their staff are also super friendly (the lady with the hairnet always stuffs my crepes nice and plump with fillings)!

Jason M.

Richmond Hill
My daughter and I decided to look for something new to try and came upon the many positive reviews of this place. We are from Markham so we made the drive and let me say we were not disappointed! My daughter, a finicky eater, who said originally that she didn't like crepes at all, ordered the Berry World crepe and enjoyed it immensely. I had the Tap Out and it was absolutely delicious. We will be back to try the other offerings. If I had one thought on the negative side, it would be that there is not enough seating for me to invite a large group of my friends to enjoy a meal there. This place is a gem. Thanks folks!!

Bryan M.

Great service. Delicious crepe. Too many options lol but i built my own and it was yummy.

Jonathan C.

These guys have everything that I would expect from a 5-star rating. Fun, flavorful, fancy menu items at a very reasonable price and a LOT of healthy options. The service is quick, and the customer service is top notch. There is also plenty of parking available, and also there is decent seating area inside and outside. I cant imagine why anyone would go for a typical "fast food" alternative.

Mehrad M.

Best crepes I've had in the GTA! We got savoury ones during our visit and I'm so sad I didn't take a picture of it to show you how stuffed it was with ingredients. Very filling and very satisfying. Will visit again and hopefully try one of their dessert crepes and their all day breakfast crepes. Also the staff is extremely friendly!

Sangeeta A.

Love this place. Love their vibe as soon as I walked in the store. Although the space is a little bit tight, but having great food and great customer service is all that counts. I got here after dinner on a weekday for dessert, it wasn't busy when I first got there. The later it gets, the more people show up. I ordered the Elvis, it's a dessert crepe made with three simple ingredients, almonds, banana, and nutella. It was the perfect combination. Each ingredients compliment each other very well. And of course, what can go wrong when you have Nutella? The staff are extremely friendly and helpful. They make sure you have the best experience at your visit and they welcome any comments, good and bad.

Janet C.

The first time I came here I ordered a dessert crepe and it was pretty good! I always thought crepes should be sweet and not savoury so I never gave the savoury crepes a shot...UNTIL now! Tried the Little Bird and it was so good!! Everything is made right in front of you too! I want to literally try every single item on the menu. The service is great! They are very nice and accommodating. Definitely would recommend this place

Vanessa M.

Delicious Créperie with a wide selection of sweet and savoury crepes. Went for the #OrderTheYelp 'Yelp Crepe' which has bananas, blueberries, chocolate, coconut and maple syrup which causes your heart to say HELL YEAH and HELL NO at the same time. Incredibly delicious and the staff was super nice, always talking to each customer no matter how busy they are. Only problem is the location. Near a strip mall in between condos in a square but the parking is not that great unless you want to do the underground parking lot, in which case you have to deal with crazy shoppers almost hitting you constantly. Although the location is questionable, the food is unbelievable.

Jordan S.